Branch Companies


  • Molymet Nos
    • Located in the area of Nos, San Bernardo , south of Santiago , this production unit is dedicated to the processing molybdenum concentrates , producing Molybdenum oxide, ferromolybdenum and pure products.


      In all processes, MolymetNos uses technology developed in its own laboratories, which has allowed it to become a world leader in molybdenum processing industry.


      Because of that it counts with plants inside to ensure the best quality products for its customers worldwide, with a management model based on full respect for the environment and fully sustainable. Its installed capacity reaches 86 million pounds of molybdenum per year.


      The main production units in MolymetNos are:

      • Roasting Plant

      • Gas Treatment Plant

      • Acid Plant

      • Ferromolybdenum Plant

      • Conditioning Concentrates plant with Pressure Oxidation

      • Leaching Plant

      • Extraction Plant Molybdenum / Rhenium

      • Plant Pure Molybdenum Products

      • Refining Rhenium plant

      • Metallic Rhenium Plant

      • Briquette Plant

      • Copper Extraction Plant

      • Plant Electrowinning

      • Copper Cementation Plant

      • Effluent Treatment Plant

      • Laboratory

      • Administrative Offices


      Its effective Environmental Management System ensures full care, respect and protection of the environment , endorsed by the respective certifications as well as being known for many awards at a national and oo level.


      During 2013 the normal operation of the milling plant FeSi was performed.


      The operation of the plant FeMo recovery from slag, JIG - Espirales.- was also initiated.

  • Molynor
    • The Molynor Industrial Complex is housed in the Mejillones Port Complex (CPM) , 65 km from the city of Antofagasta in Antofagasta Region . The Industrial port Complex of Mejillones It is located in an exclusive large Industrial Zone.


      The land where the Industrial Complex Molynor is located has an area of 30 hectares and has with a paved 2-track against the ground, (Via Longitudinal). On a Region level it has 2 routes paved roads, with easy access, the main Route 1 that connects with Route 5 (Panamericana), Through  Route B -400 (35 km).


      During 2013, it was concluded and implemented successfully the " Capacity Expansion Productive Project Molynor "which considered a second roasting oven, improved the Sulfuric Acid Plant and a second train seawater desalination , together with other necessary works that expanded the operation of the Company, leaving Molynor with a total installed capacity of roasting 60 million pounds of molybdenum per year.


      During 2013 the construction of the floor cleaning concentrate with ferric chloride was inciated, a investment that will allow condition the Molybdenum allowing more impurities for the commercial transformation process to molybdenum oxide and addition to also obtain a sub product as cement copper .


      The Board of Directors of Molynor is integrated by:​ John Graell Moore (Chairman), Gonzalo Concha Parada, Miguel Dunay Osses, Jorge Ramírez Gossler, Gonzalo Bascuñán Obach and Edgar Pape​.


      General manager​ is Braulio Cid Díaz​.-

  • Molymex
    • Molymex S.A. de CV is a Mexican company acquired in 1994. Its shares belong 99.999 % to Molibdenos and Metals S.A. and 0.001% to Carbomet Industrial S.A.. Its main products are technical molybdenum oxide powder and briquettes, sulfuric acid and cleaning concentrates.


      It has its industrial plant in Cumpas, Sonora, with land of about 400,000 m2 and 700 m2 in offices constructions 10.2 acres in offices and buildings, plants, warehouses and laboratory also Free of duties, prohibitions and mortgages.


      In 2013 Molymex, had a production of 28.3 million pounds of molybdenum as a result of Further stabilization of production processes and increased uptime of their facilities.


      A significant fact in Molymex was the appointment of Mr. René Lugo Méndez as the new Director of Production since May 2013, so the reinstatement of Mr. Rodrigo Lopez Orduño as Commercial Director of Molymex in the offices of Mexico to beginning in December 2013, who was working in Molymet Corporation for a period of two years based in Austin Texas, USA.


      The Board of Directors of Molymex is integrated by: John Graell Moore (Chairman), Gonzalo Bascuñán Obach, Gonzalo Concha Parada, Adolfo Carvajal Galindo, Jorge Ramírez Gossler, Edgar Pape and Miguel Dunay​.


      Director manager is Alfredo Ortega Terán.-

  • Sadaci
    • Sadaci N.V. is a Belgian company whose shares belong 99.99999 % to Moymet Strategic Metals B.V. and 0.00001% to Molymet Carbomet subsidiary Industrial SA since its acquisition in January 2003.


      It is located in an area of 25.2 hectares in the industrial district in the port of Ghent, and has 40,240 m2 at its industrial plant, offices, warehouses and laboratory also free of prohibitions and mortgages.


      During 2013 the new roaster came into operation that allowed it to increase its capacity production by 30%.


      The Treatment Plant of  Gases and  Acid Sulfuric of Sadaci was designed and expanded to this new capability, so the increase in production did not increase emissions of SO2, ensuring adequate air quality in its environment. Notably Sadaci is located only 8 km. the center of the city of Ghent, which is an important tourist attraction.


      The Board of Directors of Sadaci is integrated by:​​​ John Graell Moore (Chairman), Gonzalo Bascuñán, Gonzalo Concha, Godfried Van Schuylenbergh​ and Guido Provoost.


      General manager​ is Godfried Van Schuylenbergh.-

  • Chemiemetall
    • CM Chemiemetall GmbH is located in the city of Bitterfeld, Saxony- Anhalt State, 30 km north of the city of Leipzig and 120 km south of Berlin, Germany. The company is located within the Industrial park of Chemiepark Bitterfeld and has an area of 27,000 m2, of which, has 9,000 m2, in the plant, offices, warehouse and laboratory, all free of liens, prohibitions and mortgages.


      During 2013, There were important investments for the complete renovation of laboratory quality control.


      The company sold in 2013 more than 2.3 million pounds of molybdenum equivalent in their products metallic molybdenum powder, molybdenum dioxide, molybdenum trioxide, sinteredbriquettes, wire sintered powders and Mo. CM Chemiemetall GmbH, has a metallic molybdenum production plant with a capacity of 1,400 tons annually, plus laboratories and other support equipment.


      The Board of Directors of Chemiemetall is integrated by:​​​ Guido Provoost (Chairman), Juan Cristóbal Valenzuela, Tom Eggermont and Klaus Andersson​.


      General manager​ is Klaus Andersson.-