Introduction / Pillars of action

The Market Development unit, dependent on the Commercial and Market Development Vice Presidency, promotes the search and analysis of new business opportunities. Through a collaborative work system, both with internal and external groups, the market development area channels and allocates resources to those opportunities that can prove to be a benefit for Molymet and contribute to strengthening its position as a global leader.

Description of current topics of Molymet's Market Development:

  • Rhenium Market Development​

It is of Molymet interest the growth of the use of Rhenium in industrial applications, beyond its use as an alloying element in Nickel-based super alloys.

As the main supplier of this metal worldwide, Molymet declares its responsibility to help in the development of its market; supporting possible new end uses for this versatile metal and assuring researchers and users of the long-term supply security.

In line with the above, Molymet promotes the use of Rhenium in applications inside and outside established markets through its "Rhenium Market Development" Program.

  • Metallic / Non-metallic Mining and Recycling

Molymet is geared towards diversification in defined strategic metals; seeking opportunities world-wide in cooperation with potential customers or partners that fit our capabilities.

Molymet considers the following metals as strategic for a potential market development: Vanadium, Tungsten, Niobium, Tantalum, Nickel, Cobalt, Copper and Lithium.

  • Arsenic removal technology

Based on its know-how and existing technology, Molymet has developed a process that allows the selective removal and reduction of Arsenic and processing it into a stable solid (for example: complex copper concentrates).

Molymet aspires to market the use of this technology with potential partners/customers through mutually-beneficial business models.

  • Commercial Support

This pillar aims at the identification of potential developments and / or optimizations of processes / products with an increased value to our customers.

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The following is offered in support of the above topics:

  1. Rhenium Market Development Program
  2. Investments