Rhenium Metal - Powder


​Produced by hydrogen reduction of Ammonium Perrhenate.

Common uses: As an alloy addition in superalloys; production of sheet foil, strip or wire for various industrial applications.
Produced in following facilities: MolymetNos.

Chemical Specifications

Purity(*): 99.97%min.
Sulphur: 30 ppmmax.
​Carbon: ​50 ppm​max.
​Nitrogen: ​100 ppm​max.
​Oxygen: ​2,500 ppm​max.
​Total metallic impurities: ​150 ppmmax.


(*) Excluding nitrogen and oxygen content.

Higher grades and typical assays of recent production are available upon request.

Physical Properties

Appearance:Fine metallic powder

Packaging Options

​Packing unit​Wrapping​Content per unit
Plastic flask (small)10 flasks per cardboard box1 kg Re
2 lbs Re
​Plastic flask (large)​4 flasks per cardboard box​10 kg Re
22 lbs Re

Each flask is filled with Argon after vacuum treatment.