Community Management

Molymet is permanently concerned with schools, industrial secondary schools, neighborhood boards, the children and senior citizens, sports clubs and various organizations close to all branch companies. Some of Molymet’s basic principles are to improve the quality of life of the Communities of which it is part, and to promote environmental balance and caring for the environment.

In Chile, Mexico, Germany, Belgium and now in Mejillones, this concern takes the form of professional internships for students from industrial secondary schools, internships for craftsmen, contributions to clubs for the elderly, the promotion of sports, and support to neighborhood boards. It even involves preserving the sterna lorata, a small seabird that nests in Mejillones and that now, with the arrival of the Company to the zone, has an ally for its survival.

Soil reclamation (Pozo Las Acacias) and preservation of national heritage (Parque Las Lilas), are also part of the “Molymet Culture”. Through the Corporate Social Responsibility Management, it carries out various initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of the neighbours and people who live close to each and every branch company.​