​​Molymet, committed to environmental c​are

In Molymet we comply with our commitment of taking care of the environment, creating sustainable economic value and applying clean production and eco-efficiency strategies. May serve as example of this commitment the following initiatives:

  • We transform sulfur dioxide from roasting processes into sulfuric acid with commercial value.
  • Our plant is surrounded by over 303 acres of organic walnuts and 16 acres of green areas and gardens.
  • We recycle over 140,000 pounds of both industrial and household waste, such as paper, cartons, metal scraps,  pallets, plastic bags and bottles, aluminum cans, ink cartridges, industrial and motor oils, etc.
  • We operate modern continuous emissions monitoring and air quality analyzers installed at the main atmospheric discharge stack and on near plant monitoring stations.
  • We produce compost out of cut grass and garden pruning.  
  • We minimize our emissions thanks to modern washing and filtering technologies, which ensure a continued operation according local environmental law.
  • We certified the first LEED platinum building in South America.
  • We recirculate more than 80% of the industrial water used into our industrial processes.
  • We treat and recycle our wastewater into our industrial processes.
  • We re-use other industries' waste by using it as part of our raw material, embodying an ecoeficiency approach that goes beyond our own processes.

​In addition to the latter, we declare our commitment to apply preventive measures in controlling and reducing to the minimum any environmental impact due to our operations, in full compliance to local environmental law and other subscribed voluntary agreements. 

Molymet will see to keep accordingly an operational environmental oriented management system based upon continual improvement practices, in order to guarantee environmental care during its current and future operation and investment projects.