Ethics Line

​​Honorable behavior

System seeks to ensure the prestige of the company, and its employees and prevent any offenses .

According to our organizational values, this line is an anonymous communication channel that will provide the information and reporting, securely and confidentially of those situations with morality and legality, in addition to alerting on possible fraud or corruption cases. This initiative also provides all the safeguards to prevent malicious or inappropriate use or anyone intending to damage the reputation of individuals.



Among other cases, the system allows reporting theft, illicit transactions, bribery, conflicts of interest, collusion, manipulation of sales commissions, sexual or physical intimidation, price discrimination, collusion involving false invoicing, purchasing for personal use, improper favoritism promotions, or improper acceptance of gifts, disclosure of confidential reports, financing of terrorism and retaliation.


How to formulate THE COMPLAINT

1.- The Acceptance of every complaint is strictly confidential guarding with this the anonymity and integrity of the complainant, according to independence and reservation of the decision the crime prevention officer possesses.


2.- The alert system has created the option to make the complaint by:

This line does not exclude the right of all people to channel complaints directly to the company or relevant courts , either in person or in writing.​